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DAO Ecology at a Glance


DAOs are on the right track. There are currently 4,832 DAOs in operation, consisting of tens of thousands of members, and managing increasingly larger pools of funds.

It is very clear to understand the current state of DAO development starting from the tool Deep DAO. Deep DAO's mission is to explore, rank, and analyze all DAOs from multiple dimensions. This includes DAOs created on one of the four major platforms (DAOstack, Aragon, Moloch, and Colony), as well as DAOs created to meet specific needs, such as LAO, MakerDAO, and Nexus Mutual. In short, Deep DAO is to DAOs what CoinMarketCap is to tokens: it is a place to look for rankings, analyze their finances and governance.

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Rankings, while cool and attractive, are not enough to properly understand DAOs. DAOs are much more complex than tokens, so Deep DAOs do much more than these basics. Deep DAOs explore subtle interactions involving entire communities and a multitude of actions (economic and otherwise).

The team is developing a system for assessing the financial stability of the DAO and its accountability, overall internal participation and long-term internal participation, and how they relate to other factors. Since DAOs can make investments, the Deep DAO team is developing ways to track the performance of these investments as part of DAO metrics. Therefore, businesses and individuals using this data will be better able to choose a DAO that suits their needs.

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Development trend
0. DAO and Corporate Governance Convergence

In April of this year, dOrg became the first legally recognized DAO in the United States. The Wyoming State Senate approved the legal status of decentralized autonomous organizations DAOs through the first commissioner, and gave them limited liability company (LLC) capabilities. This enables the virtual digital jurisdiction on the chain to also be given the identity of the jurisdiction off the chain, and we can expect that the DID that accompanies it will also gain a place in the evolution of contemporary TechReg. On-chain sociology will affect organizational structures and social formations in the real world, which could be yet another exciting paradigm shift in modern society.

1.DAO will also become the traffic portal of the encrypted world

Each public chain ecology will form a complete set of financing DAO, governance DAO and DAO tool platform system. Developers only need to invest a minimum cost in the adoption of DAO, and users will join more easily. The refined development of DAO's tool-based platform will eventually make DAO extremely easy to adopt and become the same basic construction as wallets, browsers and Oracle. The DAO platform, which is the first to provide richer public chain ecological expansion, more complete SDK tools, and more robust modular functions, will also become the traffic entrance to the encrypted world.

2. Composability with more tracks

Decentralized identity system: The identity reputation system based on DAO generates precious value data from user behaviors participating in DAO, and provides tools for credit rating, on-chain identity review and diversified scenarios, and is a key link in the composable building blocks Normalization of governance incentives: Inflation incentives for participation in governance will become the basis for the rate of return in DeFi, combined with other models: such as NFT+DAO. At present, we have seen some projects are seeking various possibilities for the scalability of DAO. Especially in the financial direction, Automata buys and sells governance votes, creating such a lending system. SubDAO plans to provide a personal reputation system based on on-chain governance behavior and provide support for on-chain financial businesses.

3. The ability to absorb funds will become a key indicator for evaluating DAO platforms

The development and struggle of DAO is mainly manifested in the optimization of voting rate incentives and governance pledge mechanism, especially DaaS, whose capital under management (AUM) is a key indicator for evaluating the competitiveness of the platform. Similar to DeFi's traffic competition period, the innovative model Attracting the amount of governance funds will make the project a runner on the track, and SubDAO's governance mining model is already being demonstrated.

4. Establishment of industry-based key indicators

After the maturity of the DAO track is improved, a tracking indicator-type service tool will be formed, which will provide a more valuable decision-making basis for the entire DAO market. We believe that a vertical data and other tool service ecosystem will be born for the DAO module.

5.DAO Venture may be the true form of VC in the crypto world

DAO will assume a stronger early value discovery function. With the improvement of platform functions and the improvement of network effects, DAO will accumulate more excellent projects, gather larger-scale basic funds and unite the most active and enthusiastic practice and promotion of ecological development. By.