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Be Wary of High-Gas Airdrops!


I expected that I would update the content of our column less frequently. I can only blame those creative crypto swindlers. They have recently figured out something new, AGAIN.

Let's see if your Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet received an inexplicable airdrop. At first glance, 0.5 Token is worth more than 300 U. What would your first reaction be?

a. It may be that the project I tested someday is finally coined. I have to award myself.

b. Which idiot forwarded it to the wrong address again? Now it's mine!

c. Sell it immediately, lol.

d. All of the above.

I choose d (All of the above). Now I will sell this airdrop and open the Swap expertly:

Be Wary of High-Gas Airdrops! image 0

When I thought I was about to get more than 300 USDT, I found that I needed more gas fee, leading to the failure of the transaction, which should be impossible! The trading fee is obviously enough (about 10 USDT), let me try to trade other coins:

Be Wary of High-Gas Airdrops! image 1

The transaction was successful!

However, some users trapped were not this lucky. They thought of getting 300 USDT, but ended up not getting the money for selling the airdrop and spending an extra 90 USDT for the gas fee.

Therefore, it is evident that this scam uses airdrop coins to make you mistakenly believe you can sell them for 300 USDT. Once you authorize the transaction successfully, coins in your account will be transferred by scammers. In fact, it is similar to the airdrop and Dapp over-authorization scams that we have exposed before.

They use your greed to cheat you out of money.

So it would be best if you were careful of inexplicable airdrop coins. There is no free lunch.

In addition, everyone should be aware that an untrusted currency with an unknown origin is likely to have a smart contract full of traps. Once you authorize this smart contract, it is equivalent to empowering swindlers to manipulate assets in your account arbitrarily.

Identifying scammers airdrop coins: These coins that indicate risks are generally in public chains such as BSC/HECO, which are cheaper to issue coins.

Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) will launch the Smart Contract Security Detection widget soon. The page is as follows:

Be Wary of High-Gas Airdrops! image 2

With this function, you can detect suspicious and unfamiliar currencies and ensure no common authorization risks before trading.