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Aavegotchi (GHST) [NFT]


Aavegotchi is an NFT project based on the Aave platform on Ethereum. After the listing of Polygon, it became a popular NFT+Gamefi project. Its TVL reached $10.31M, and the floor price of NFT on Opensea was 0.45ETH.

If you want to play Aavegotchi, it is the most cost-effective on Polygon, you can experience the fun of Gamefi and save a lot of gas fees.

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About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is the first NFT pet generated by DeFi asset pledge. In addition to collecting attributes, Aavegotchi is also a game that combines Metaverse and earning attributes while playing. In Aavegotchi Realm, Gotchi holders can build, fight, socialize, trade, etc. in the Metaverse .

Aavegotchi (GHST) is a playable asset as collateral for DeFi networks, and unlike other NFTs, they have an inherent advantage in an industry where their value exceeds the expectations of the game. To interact with Aavegotchi (GHST), DeFi users must stake a set of tokens called aTokens for Aavegotchi (GHST), such as LINK (aLINK) and USDC (aUSDC).

The project's revenue comes from the sale of consumables and wearables, as well as fees charged for interacting with mini-games. Aavegotchi (GHST) relies on rare farming. Basically, the rarer the Aavegotchi (GHST), the higher its price. In addition, the platform shares a portion of its income with leading rare agricultural farmers.

In addition to having a rich ecosystem, Aavegotchi Chain Games also has a strong DeFi color and cooperates with AAVE, the largest lending platform in the current DeFi field. You can say that Aavegotchi is a blockchain that truly integrates NFT and DeFi. game.


GHST is the official governance game token of the Aavegotchi ecosystem. GHST drives the player's gaming experience and is a reward token for the entire economic cycle system. It is currently listed on Binance and OKEx exchanges.

GHST is distributed in three phases. The three stages are private placement, pre-sale and bonding curve sale.

Private placement

Amount: 5,000,000GHST Price: 0.05DAI / GHST

The private sale took place in August 2020. Anyone can join as long as they reach the 20k DAI minimum and do KYC. Funds raised in this round will be distributed to Pixelcraft Studios, the company behind Aavegotchi, to ensure the successful development of the Aavegotchi game.


Amount: 500,000 GHST Price: 0.1DAI / GHST

The GHST pre-sale takes place on September 14, 2020 for 14 days or sold out, whichever comes first. All Level 6 agents who performed KYC before the above date can purchase GHST at this stage.

All level 6 agents took snapshots at the time for the sale. This was then checked with those who performed KYC. A special "Level 6" badge was then issued to all eligible participants in Discord. These participants are then added to a special discord channel where the presale link is posted.

The funds raised here are used for the startup liquidity reserve of the token bonding curve, and the reserve ratio is 100%.

Participants in the private sale and pre-sale will be released to obtain GHST tokens one year after the end of the pre-sale round. After 180 days, the initial release amounted to approximately 50% of the total amount. The remaining tokens will then be released over the next 185 days.

Open Bonding Curve Offering

In this round, there is no limit to the supply of GHST and no time limit. The price opened at 0.2DAI/GHST and moved along the curve.

There is no lock in this round, and tokens can be claimed directly through the curve. Anyone who has participated in KYC and whose address has been whitelisted by the Aavegotchi team can buy directly from the curve.

Funds raised by the bonding curve will be made available to Pixelcraft Studios through a faucet mechanism controlled by GHST token holders. More information on this mechanism can be found here.

Ecosystem Fund

The Ecosystem Fund consists of 1 million GHST, which is locked on the same schedule as the private placement and pre-sale rounds.

Unlocked funds can be deployed through proposals to AavegotchiDAO and above to fund development by non-Aavegotchi core team members, promotion and marketing of Aavegotchi Dao, and any other use cases that AavegotchiDAO deems useful.

Team Fund

The team fund consists of 1 million GHST and is unlocked according to the same schedule as the private placement round. However, once the funds are fully unlocked, they will be distributed according to a three-year grant schedule. The remaining funds will be locked into a new unlocked contract for two years, gradually released to the Aavegotchi core team.

The team funds are mainly used to motivate the core members of the Aavegotchi team to make full efforts for the project, as well as to motivate external consultants.

Six ways to make profit with Aavegotchi

Method 1: Appreciation of game token GHST

The game token GHST is the base currency of the Aavegotchi ecosystem, and the total supply of GHST is dynamic. When investors use DAI to purchase GHST in-game currency, new GHST is minted, which results in an increase in the total amount of GHST in circulation. The game token GHST is designed as a bonding curve, and when the increase in purchases causes GHST inflation, it will make the GHST price increase.

Method 2: Wearable Devices

Dress up the Aavegotchi ghost with wearable gear that increases rare stats and traits. Chain game players can get wear coupons to exchange equipment through lottery activities. The more advanced the equipment is, the more valuable it is. If players are lucky enough to draw rare equipment, they can trade in the market to exchange for the game token GHST. After raising the level of the Aavegotchi ghost, it is easier to get rewards in the rarity mining competition.

Method 3: Rarity Mining Competition

The goal of Aavegotchi Chain Tour is to create one of the rarest Aavegotchi ghosts, and holders of the rarest Aavegotchi ghosts will be rewarded with the game token GHST. Rewards will be distributed according to the competition ranking, and will not be distributed after reaching a certain critical point. The higher the ranking, the more rewards will be obtained, and the distribution ratio will be determined by Aavegotchi DAO voting.

Method 4: Mini Games

Players can get rewards to upgrade as long as they actively participate in the game. The rewards are distributed randomly, which may be experience points, wearable equipment of Aavegotchi's ghost, etc. As long as you play the game regularly, you are making money.

Method 5: Portal Auction

Every Aavegotchi ghost is born from a portal, so the portal auction is especially important. Players can start hoarding tickets after knowing the date of the portal auction and earn the spread.

How to participate in the Aavegotchi project

1) Launch Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) app, switch to Polygon,

2) Tap Browser, enter AAVE in the search field, then tap the returned search result that matches the project name;

3) Browse the DApp information, and tap Confirm to enter the game homepage. Now you can register or log in to start playing;

Aavegotchi (GHST) [NFT] image 1
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