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Introducing tudaBirds

tudaBirds is a new and innovative hybrid defi competitive social gaming ecosystem.

tudaBirds arena is an economically and environmentally sustainable strategic delivery vehicle designed to appeal to players, collectors, investors, speculators and users of all interests, our delivery goals include:

1) Unique, value-added NFT integrated token economy

2) A revenue sharing model that directly benefits users, players, collectors, investors and holders, as well as the $TBIRD token itself

3) Evolved avatar NFT: tradable user-level multi-asset NFT

4) Very low fee structure and gas on BSC

The component architecture that is the backbone of the arena provides common systems and interconnections so we will be able to rapidly deploy and deliver a unique set of defi and NFT games, innovations and experiences. The planned "Arena" system uses our interconnected leaderboards, virtual game room and advanced profile/avatar management to allow anyone to play across the arena: games, sales, likes, leaders, Loser: anything.

tudaBirds Evolution: The TudaBirds NFB will also provide functionality and utility as we build the arena. Arena users will be able to earn, trade and buy NFT evolutions ranging from spacesuits, helmets, boots to jetpacks of various rarities.

Evolved tudaBirds will enjoy higher game levels and more rewards as well as exclusive deals in and out of the arena. Including early access to new features as they roll out, these evolutions will also lead to higher resale value for NFBs, as users can choose to buy to improve their functionality – or simply add rare and evolved tudaBirds to their collection.

Our users will be able to forge their evolved NFB by compounding the original birdie with the evolved NFT, which can also include player achievements and experiences marked by rewards, badges and leaderboard positions, and tournament results.

More opportunities for users to earn money: Our planned community of tudaBirds Crafters will be able to build rare, unique avatars to sell on the open market to players looking to skip - and in our planned Arena NFT workshop for all Collectors of beautiful birds, opening an extensive new way for our users to earn TBIRD tokens.

The Arena virtual real estate playroom will also enable user galleries and self-service sales within the tudaBirds Arena. tudaBirds NFB will also enjoy random airdrops ranging from special offers to free sweepstakes and tournament tickets.

Types of NFTs

1) Founders NFT 9K dropped

A total of 9,000 unique NFTs, including different series and versions: first come, first served, but with a chance to draw. tudaBirds NFT9K drop has gone way beyond your usual variety of cute and provocative images. Get a $9,000 airdrop reward with 10% rare items and a randomly selected 10% NFT.

2) CBO signed NFT collection

An exclusive set of 3D tudaBird NFTs, handcrafted by our Chief Bird Officer, each with a limited-edition set of original high-quality 2D renderings, each on a numbered rotating card. All CBO Signature NFB holders are entitled to discounts on NFB avatars

3) Virtual Real Estate NFT

Get a foothold in the virtual exclusive and very limited world of the tudaBirds virtual arena. The first sale will offer 500 rooms and suites, with a total real estate NFT cap of just 5,000. The scarcity of rooms protects and encourages the value of speculative investment. These virtual real estate NFTs will be freely movable erc1155 tokens that designate ownership of a specific property class (3/4/5 star rooms and suites, whether inside the arena, outside, on the waterfront, or with a launch pad view) .

Passive income plan

33% of all NFT aftermarket royalties will be shared with $BURD holders and 33% with all NFT holders: passive income from holdings only.

tudaBird NFT is actually NFB: Irreplaceable Bird. By harnessing the compounding abilities of eip-1155, tudaBirds evolve: they don't breed like normal kittens, horses and chickens: they fly over them!

The Arena will provide the Arena virtual room as a foundry where users can compound their avatar NFB with evolutionary NFTs (think: jetpacks, helmets, etc. – what is needed to get tudaBirds to get tudaMoon along with milestones, achievements and profiles Information incarnates in their personal arena, adding value throughout the arena and other utilities and value-adds to be announced.

The resulting erc-1155 NFT will combine the value of component NFTs while creating rarity and an expected increase in resale value, especially from new players looking for shortcuts to the benefits provided by the evolved tudaBirds avatar.


Daniel:来自德国的加拿大人,在科技领域拥有 30 多年的经验,在金融科技领域拥有 10 多年的经验,自 2017 年以来享有盛誉的区块链和代币经济架构师。

Volo:总部位于乌克兰的技术大师,拥有 4 年的架构和构建/交付 defi 和集中式区块链/加密金融解决方案和成熟的加密交换。

How to participate

1)Open the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet and switch the network to Polygon;

2)Click [Browser], enter [tuda] in the search box, and click the search result;

3)Browse the Dapp information and click [Confirm] to enter the home page of the platform, and users can explore its functions by themselves;

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