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Kommunitas is a polygon-based decentralized startup platform. It is also a decentralized layerless Launchpad that does not use rankings to gain access to its platform. Therefore, all users will receive a distribution based on the amount of $KOM they hold.

Built on Polygon, Kommunitas Launchpad prides itself on key advantages over other Launchpads:

(a) The existence of a multi-chain architecture allows the introduction of projects from a more diverse set of blockchain platforms, communities and investors

(b) a non-tiered system that allows all users to participate in launches, regardless of the amount of their investment;

(c) All users can stake $KOM tokens through their browser wallet using any of the three options available;

(d) Holders of the native token $KOM will participate in governance.


$KOM is the native currency of the Kommunitas platform. The total supply of KOM is $4 billion. Nearly 70% of $KOM tokens are locked by 3rd parties in DxLock.

The use cases for the $KOM token are:

  • Holders of $KOM tokens can also stake their tokens on the Kommunitas platform and other partners’ platforms and earn substantial yields.
  • $KOM token holders will have the right to vote for the future development of the Kommunitas platform and all projects that will be launched on its platform.
  • By staking $KOM, users will receive guaranteed distributions of newly launched tokens, and thanks to its layerless system, users do not need a minimum holding of $KOM tokens for guaranteed distributions.
Destruction of Tokens

Instead of burning Genesis tokens on-the-fly after minting, Kommunitas uses the following five unique ways to burn their tokens:

(a) When users unstake their $KOM before the expiration date, 20% will be cancelled as a penalty and permanently destroyed;

(b) When a user sends any amount of $KOM after joining the Private Partners Group, it will be destroyed;…

(c) Social participation in destruction

(d) Price level burn is done each time the price of $KOM reaches a specified level;

(e) By reducing the total supply from 40b to 2b, $KOM is reduced by 95%.

This model helps to regulate the supply of $KOM tokens based on the market value they gain over time.

Social destruction

Kommunitas was the first project to implement Social Burning. Social Burning was invented to help prevent instant sales of tokens to early adopters of the project. Most of the time, users who acquire project tokens, as early adopters, sell those tokens instead of holding them. Therefore, Kommunitas has come up with a strategy to use its tokens for any social activity related to the project.

Here are a few examples: Any visit to Kommunitas' Twitter profile or tweet impression will activate the burn of 10 $KOM. For every mention of @kommunitas1 on Twitter, 200 $KOM is "lost". For one month, each follower on Medium will burn 1000 $KOM. For every new token holder, $1000 of KOM will be burned from the browser.


1)Open the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet and switch the network to Polygon;

2)Click [Browser], enter [Kommunitas] in the search box, and click the search result;

3)Browse the Dapp information and click [Confirm] to enter the platform homepage;

Kommunitas(KOM)[Defi] image 1

4)Click the [More] icon in the upper right corner, and select any function you want to experience in the menu. Here we take [Luanchpad] as an example; after jumping to the page, click [Connect] and select [Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep))] to link the wallet address;

5)After the link is successful, you can perform IKO and so on.

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