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Bitget Lists Satoshi Island (STC) in Innovation Zone - Trade & Claim Trading Fee Rebates

Dear Global Bitgetters,

We are thrilled to announce that STC/USDT (Satoshi Island) will be listed in the Innovation Zone. Check out the details below:

Deposit Time: August 22, 5 AM (UTC)

Trading Time: August 22, 8 AM (UTC)

Withdrawal Time: August 23, 8 AM (UTC)

Campaign Period: August 22, 8 AM to September 1, 8 AM (UTC)

???? STC Free Trading Campaign

Enjoy 0 trading fees for the first 10 days when you trade STC/USDT on Bitget! Your STC/USDT trading fee will be reimbursed to your account in BGB after the campaign concludes.


Satoshi Island is a 32 million square foot private island, owned by Satoshi Island Holdings Limited. Satoshi Island Coin ($STC) is the cryptocurrency that powers the Satoshi Island economy which will be required for all commerce on the island and transactions via the Satoshi Island Marketplace. Unlike a traditional government that has centralized control of its monetary policy and has the ability to inflate the supply of its currency, Satoshi Island is operated as a DAO that is run by the Satoshi Island Citizens and has a fixed supply.

Total Supply: 21,000,000 STC

Circulating Supply: 1,407,000 STC

Contract Address (BSC): 0x340724464cf51a551106cC6657606Ee7d87B28b9

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Bitget Team

August 19, 2022

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