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Take Your 100 BGB, It's On Us!


Dear Global Bitgetters,

We've reimagined the way we can keep connecting, keep operating, and keep trading all from home — thanks to our tech. And keep you and your crypto journey safe, no matter what.

Simply deposit a $100 to kickstart at Bitget Spot Market - any Spot Market deposition worth $100 of tokens (excluded USDT) will receive 100 BGB in return! Fill in your Bitget UID at the Google form to participate now.

????Start Deposit Now

Campaign Period: July 5, 7 AM - July 7, 7 AM (UTC)

???? A $100 For A 100 BGB Campaign

Users who deposit any Spot Token (Excep t USDT) with a minimum deposition of $100 during the event duration can enjoy up to 100 BGB airdrop.

???? Call Your Buddy Now - 100 BGB For You and Your Friends

Grab your chance to earn BGB when you refer your friends to Bitget. The steps are easy as ABC:

  1. Log on to Bitget and retrieve your Bitget referral link by sharing your personalized Referral Link, Referral Code, or even QR.
  2. Ensure that your friends sign up for their Bitget account with your referral code/link.
  3. Your friend must complete a Spot Trade of $100 and above during the event period to be eligible for the rewards.

You and your friend will receive 100 BGB each for an eligible referral. Limit to 9 referrals each, rewards will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

????Do not forget we will prepare the combo for you in July????: a series of new products and incentives are coming soon to guarantee your consistent return in this unstable market. Please always keep an eye on us and feel free to share any of your suggestions with us!

Terms Conditions

  1. Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event concludes;
  2. Users participating in this event must complete the required ID Verification before the end of the event to be deemed eligible for the rewards;
  3. Bitget reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation;
  4. Users participating with the same IP address will be considered invalid;
  5. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing, or canceling the event without prior notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk.

Bitget Team

July 5, 2022

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