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Bitget Cold & Hot Wallets

Dear Global Bitgetters,

Here is what you need to know about Bitget's cold wallet and hot wallet:

I. Bitget Cold Wallet

1. It is not connected to the internet, reducing the possibility of online attacks.

2. It uses multi-signature to achieve multiple authorizations.

3. It uses offsite backup to reduce unexpected risks.

4. Important data is stored by segment in a bank safer.

II. Bitget Hot Wallet

1. Private keys are stored in a secure manner: Asymmetric keys are used to implement digital signatures to ensure data integrity. FIPS 140-2 verified HSM or HSM under FIPS 140-2 verification is used to generate private keys to deliver better protection.

2. Wallet services are kept from the external environment through physical isolation and multiple layers of network isolation.

3. Multiple verifications: Each withdrawal will go through multiple layers of risk control before it obtains a wallet signature.

4. A risk control system based on big data: It prevents abnormal deposit and withdrawal activities that involve abnormal IP addresses, device IDs, deposit and withdrawal addresses or user behaviors, etc.

5. Global reconciliation and real-time monitoring of asset changes.

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