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How the BGB Ecosystem will Bridge the Vast World of Crypto

1. What is BGB? (Brief introduction of BGB Token)

BGB Token, the platform token of Bitget, is driven by the belief that the crypto ecosystem should be simple, secure, and accessible for everyone around the world.

More than just a token, BGB will be a seamless and vibrant Web3-ecosystem for all of your crypto holdings, community tokens, NFTs, Defi applications, and much more.

About BGB:


2. Bridging Gaps with BGB

BGB is leading the way forward into the world of crypto by bridging the gap in cross-chain technologies.

Think of BGB as your connection to the world of crypto. Here are three core gaps that BGB will help to bridge.

#1 - BGB will bridge the gap of technology in the multi-chain world by making cross- chain trading less complex and more secure.

#2 - BGB will bridge the gap of crypto technology by leading the way forward in the transition from Web2 to Web3.

#3 - Because of this, BGB will also help bridge gaps of culture and ideologies across the world.

Ultimately, BGB will create a safe and secure crypto ecosystem that will facilitate the next generation of Web3, and in turn, help to connect the entire world around us.

3. Why choose Bitget?

⑴ Solid product foundation

Bitget is a revolutionary exchange and the world’s largest cryptocurrency copy trading platform. Our core features includespot trading, futures trading, copy trading, and C2C trading.

Industry-leading innovation

Our cutting-edge technology and high-level safety protocols allow you to make trades seamlessly and securely - even in the most extreme of market conditions.

⑶ Strict risk control system

Our team features some of the world's top minds in financial risk control. We also adopt A+ series risk control rules to protect user assets and ensure transaction safety.

⑷ Top-level industry status

Bitget has quickly become the world's largest cryptocurrency copy trading platform. We also rank amongthe world's top five in the cryptocurrency futures trading sector.

A truly global operation

The Bitget family reigns from across the globe, with users in more than 40 countries and regions including Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, and more.

24/7 customer support

Bitget's account managers, customer service representatives, and global KOLs are committed to providing quality service promptly.

4. Achievements of Bitget

Futures trading volume: Top 5 futures trading volume in the world, with an average daily trading volume equivalen t to USD 5 billion.

Copy trade volume: #1 in the world, with a cumulative number of completed trades exceeding 6 million.

Network of KOLs: We work with over 10,000 KOLs worldwide, and that number is only growing.

Global platform users: 1.3 million users from more than 40 countries and regions including Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, USA and Europe etc.

Relentless focus on stability: Bitget has experienced no downtime during extreme market conditions and other safety risks. We are also proud to say that we have had zero safety accidents since launching.

5. BGB Token issuance information

The total BGB supply is 2,000,000,000. 25% of the supply was swapped with BFT holders. The remaining 75% (1,500,000,000) will be distributed as follows:

a. 15% will be used on our community and the acquisition of new users (with a maximum of 4% being released every year).

b. 15% will be used for branding and growth, including rewards and remuneration for KOLs, media outlets, and communities who have contributed to Bitget (with a maximum of 3% released each year).

c. 15% will be used for ecological investment funds for the development of Bitget’s vibrant ecosystem.

d. 20% will be used for core team motivation (2% will be unlocked every 6 months, and completed in 5 years’ time)

e. 10% will be used for the investor protection fund. This will only be unlocked according to the actual payment amount when the user compensation plan is launched. Potential compensation scenarios include cryptocurrency theft and debt in margin calls due to platform security issues.

6. Application scenarios of BGB

By holding BGB, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

(1) Spot transaction fee discount: Use BGB to pay for spot transaction fees and enjoy discounts (the current discount rate is 20%).

(2) KOL partnership rewards: Use BGB as a guarantee deposit to enjoy more partnership rewards.

(3) Other business scenarios: In the future, BGB can be used as proof of rights and interest for users of different levels, and it can also be used as a social token for the interaction between fans and copy traders. Use case scenarios include, but are not limited to, transaction strategy subscription, trading trial bonuses, private social circle tickets, red packages, and much more.

7. Risk warning

BGB is a utility-type token of the Bitget platform. It is not financial derivatives such as securities, stocks, bonds etc. Any users holding BGB need to comply with local laws and regulations, and at their own risk.

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