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How to Report Tax Via Bitget API

Dear Global Bitgetters,

Tax Reporting allows you to keep track of your crypto activity in order to ensure you are fulfilling the reporting requirements laid out by your regulatory bodies. With Bitget taxing API and related third-party taxing tools, you are now able to have all your transactions tracked and accounted for automatically.

How to File for Taxes Automatically via API?

Go to Bitget official website

  1. Log in to your Bitget account and click [Account] - [API Management].
  2. Click [Create API]
  3. Fill in the required API information and store your unique Passphrase (API password) and Secret Key in a safe manner.
  4. Complete 2FA verification and click [Next].
  5. Please select a third-party tax tool you would like to use. (Please note: Bitget is not endorsing any particular third-party tax tool software. Please exercise your own discretion and/or consult your personal tax adviser based on your personal tax circumstances and requirements when selecting the third-party tax tools.

Go to the third-party tax tool website

We will use Koinly as an example. By entering the designated code BITGET23 (the code will be refreshed every two months) on Koinly website and connecting to API, Bitget users will enjoy a 30% discount.

  1. Visit Koinly website and select your base currency and home country.
  2. Go to [Wallets], click [Add wallet]. Select [Bitget].
  3. Label your wallet name, click [Setup auto-sync].
  4. You will see a Setup Bitget API pop up. Enter the unique API keys and Secret Key you received from the Bitget API. Then, click [Secure Import].
  5. The API keys will download your transaction history automatically and keep your data in sync. The information you need will be ready soon.

Learn more about Crypto Taxes: What You Need to Know Before Filing

Disclaimer: Depending on the jurisdiction’s regulatory policy, when you trade cryptocurrencies, you would have to pay taxes duly. The regulatory policy for taxation of cryptocurrencies differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, hence we strongly advise you to contact your personal tax advisor for further information about your personal tax circumstances. Bitget does not provide any tax or investment advice. It is your personal duty to choose the correct jurisdiction for tax reporting. When using Bitget’s tax report tool, you acknowledge that Bitget is not making any kind of promotion/ solicitation to you and that the tool is intended only to facilitate the filing of tax report by users

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April 19, 2022

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