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Super Airdrop Campaign for Active Users


Bitget Global Users,

In order to show appreciation for your support and share the fruit of Bitget’s growth, we will continue to distribute airdrops for users who deposit and trade on the platform. Tokens for the airdrops are mainly sponsored by project owners.

I. How Much Tokens Will Be Airdropped?

For users who meet the requirements, the platform will randomly select up to 15 people to airdrop 500 USDT equivalent tokens. The amount and frequency of the airdrops will depend on the amount of tokens sponsored by project owners.

II. How to Participate?

We are delighted to share that we'll be revamping our Super Airdrop campaign, giving exclusivity to BGB Hodlers on Bitget. Users must meet one of the following criteria within the inspection period:

i) Deposit 100 USDT and above of equivalent assets;

ii) Trade spot with volume of more than 100 USDT;

iii) Hold 100 USDT worth of BGB in your Bitget account ????

No registration is required for this campaign, we will announce the UID of the winning users through official announcement or email after the rewards are distributed. Participation rules may adjusted and optimized accordingly.

Thank you for your support!

Bitget Team
February 21, 2022

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