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Bitget Futures: Futures Trading Bonus


Here is what you need to know about Bitget's futures trading bonus:

1. What is futures trading bonus?

1) Bitget’s futures trading bonus will be distributed in the form of a voucher;

2) The futures trading bonus will be distributed directly to the Rewards Center on Bitget's website and APP;

3) The futures trading bonus will automatically go to the respective futures account after being claimed.

2. How to find and claim your futures trading bonus?

1) How to check futures trading bonuses:
“Assets” on the top - “Coupons”
“Assets” on the lower right corner - “Coupons”

2) When clicking "Claim", the trading bonus will be successfully claimed and go to your respective futures account without the need to transfer it again.

3. How to use futures trading bonus?

1) The trading bonus can be directly used to trade futures (including Copy Trade);

2) The trading bonus can be used to offset futures transaction fees/losses/funding fees;

3) The trading bonus can be used as margin to open a position.

4. What are the restrictions on the use of futures trading bonus?

1) If the user has both trading bonuses and coupons, the system will use coupons first to pay the trading fees;

2) Before the trading bonus is used up, any transfer-out of the account holding the trading bonus will cause the unused amount of the fund to be void;

3) If such void caused by the transfer-out lead to deleveraging (liquidation) or inability to maintain an open position, please resolve the issue before further operations;

4) When used to offset losses, the trading bonus needs to meet the following requirements: Current equity at the time of closing the position<(initial + accumulated deposit + the remaining of the trading bonus); The initial and accumulated deposit will be calculated immediately after the trading bonus is claimed. If you claim another trading bonus after the previous one is used up, then the calculation will start when the new fund is claimed;

5) Please claim and use the trading bonus coupons within their validity. Otherwise, they may expire.

5. Disclaimer

1) If malicious behaviors of claiming the trading bonus is found, the platform has the right to take disciplinary action against the account involved to recover losses;

2) Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of the trading bonus.

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