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New Trader Benefits Trade Quanto Swap Futures to Win 6,000 USDT


Bitget Global Users:

Since the launch of the Quanto Swap Futures, it is loved by many global users. Bitget will launch the Quanto Swap Futures trading event to reward new traders this week! During the event, traders who trade Quanto Swap Futures will be able to share a 6,000 USDT trial fund.

Event Period: Aug 20 – Aug- 27, 2021(UTC+8)

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Event Rules

1.During the event, new traders who successfully traded Quanto Swap Futures at least once will have the opportunity to share the 2,000 USDT futures trial fund. Limit to 20 USDT per new trader. Limited quantity, first come first served.

2.During the event, new traders who had a trading volume of 100,000 USDT on Bitget's Quanto Swap Futures will share the 4,000 USDT futures trial fund according to the proportion of the trading volume. There is no cap on the reward. (Excluding activity 1)

【About Bitget Quanto Swap Futures】

1.Bitget supports BTC, ETH, USDC, and XRP as margins for trading Quanto Swap Futures.

2.The Bitget Quanto Swap Futures disrupts the traditiona l trading method of Coin-Margined Futures that only use the underlying asset as margin. On the other hand, Quanto Swap Futures allows traders to have more trading options, effectively increasing the utilization rate of funds, and trading and holding crypto to increase revenue shared.

How to Trade?】

WEB: Visit our official website and click “Unified Futures”→ and click “Quanto Swap Futures”

APP: At the bottom of the main page click “Futures→ and click “Unified Futures” and finally select “Quanto Swap Futures”

Event Description

1.Please be sure to fill out the registration form to register for the event, otherwise you will not be able to get rewards.

2.New traders refer to users who have not traded Quanto Swap Futures 30 days before the event start date.

3.Event rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends after strict data review.

4.On the second day after the event ends, the user’s assets must be no less than 500 USDT to be considered as a valid registered user.

5.Multiple users participating under the same IP address will be regarded as invalid users.

6. Bitget reserves the right to interpret the activity and has the right to deal with cheating users while participating in the activity.

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