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Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures : Margin

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The following text is about Bitget Quanto Swap Contract Margin

1. Margin

The leverage principle of futures transactions is concentrated on the margin system of futures transactions that is, you do not need to pay 100% of the funds when you conduct futures transactions. You only need to invest a small amount of funds at a certain ratio according to the futures value as the collateral for the performance of the futures to participate, this fund is called margin.

1) Leverage greatly improves the utilization of funds, and high returns are accompanied by high risks.

2) The higher the leverage used by the trader, the lower the required margin.

Position opening margin = (amount of opening positions✖️ position opening price)/reasonable m ark price of margin coins

2. Position margin

After the position is established, you can view the current position margin in the "Position" on the futures trading page.

Isolated margin mode: The margin allocated to a position can be manually adjusted through +-, and automatic margin call is not supported.

Cross margin mode: All the funds in the account are margin (position of isolated margin mode not included)

3. Available margin

Available margin refers to the margin that can be used to open a position.

The margin that can be used to open a position will be partially released (increasing the utilization rate of funds) due to the state of the hedge position ( larger margin is taken in hedge position ), and the actual state of the transaction shall prevail.

4.Maintenance margin

Maintenance margin refers to the minimum margin required by the user's current number of positions in accordance with the position value corresponding to the current marked price.

Maintenance margin of isolated margin mode

= Position value of the current position✖️Maintenance margin rate of the current tier

=(amount of open positions✖️latest mark price)/reasonable mark price of margin coins✖️maintenance margin rate of the current tier

Maintenance margin of cross margin mode (larger positions is taken for hedge position margin )

=max (number of long positions, number of short positions) ✖️the latest marked price / reasonable marked price of margin coins ✖️ the maintenance margin rate of the corresponding tier

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