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Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures:Fund Transfer

Bitget Global Users,

The following text is about Fund Transfer

1. Fund transfer

In Bitget transactions, the same currency can be transferred between currency accounts, futures accounts without any fees.

For example: USDT can be transferred between currency accounts, futures accounts, and can also be transferred between USDT-Margined futures accounts, such as transferring from BTC/USDT futuress to EOS/USDT futures.

2. How to transfer funds

Take the BTC/USDT futures in the USDT futures as an example to explain in detail how funds are transferred.

method 1:

Enter Assets-Currency Assets to find USDT. If there is no USDT asset, please deposit

Click to view the detailed tutorial of Deposit

2) Click Transfer, select from Exchange to futures, select BTC/USDT trading pair, enter the transfer amount, after confirmation, the corresponding amount of USDT will be transferred to the available balance of the BTC/USDT futures.

3) You can check the specific balance directly on the BTC/USDT futures interface, or check it in Assets-Futures Account-BTC/USDT".

4) If you want to transfer the available balance in the BTC/USDT futures to the currency account, you can follow the same steps. It can also be operated through the steps of Assets-futures Account-BTC/USDT-Transfer.

Method 2:

You can also transfer USDT between currency accounts and futures accounts directly on the BTC/USDT futures interface.

In the Assets position of the futures transaction page, click Funds Transfer to determine the currency, direction and quantity of the transfer, and then click Confirm.

For each transfer, you can view the specific transfer amount, direction, currency and futures through the futures account on Assets page.

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