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Bitget Futures: Trigger Order

The following text is about Trigger Order

Trigger order: The user presets the trigger condition and its execution price and quantity. When the latest transaction price or marked price reaches the trigger price, the system will execute set in advance and execute the order according to the filled quantity.

Trigger order allows you to plan your buying and selling points in advance without having to keep track of market, helping you to keep profits or reduce losses in the transaction, and achieve the purpose of take profit and stop loss.

Parameter Description:

Trigger types: marke t price (latest transaction price), marked price (fair marked price).

Trigger price: When the latest transaction price reaches the set trigger price, the order will be triggered and placed.

Execution price: the price at which the order is actually executed. When the latest price reaches the trigger price, the system automatically place the order price.

Quantity: The order quantity after the trigger order is triggered.


When your order quantity exceeds the maximum order quantity you can place, the system will place an order based on the current maximum order quantity you can place.

The trigger order may not be triggered successfully, for it may fail due to price restrictions, order quantity restrictions, position restrictions, insufficient margin, position tiers, network problems, system problems, etc.

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