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Announcement regarding the adjustment of withdrawal limits for users

To enhance risk management and bolster the security of users' assets, Bitget will be implementing adjustments to the withdrawal limits for users starting from September 1, 2023, at 10:00 AM (UTC+8).
Limit for users who haven't completed KYC verification:
US$50,000 worth of assets per day
US$100,000 worth of assets per month
Limit for users who have completed KYC verification:
VIP Level Daily Withdrawal Limit
US$3,000,000 worth of assets
VIP 1 US$6,000,000 worth of assets
VIP 2 US$8,000,000 worth of assets
VIP 3 US$10,000,000 worth of assets
VIP 4 US$12,000,000 worth of assets
VIP 5 US$15,000,000 worth of assets
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