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Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures: Position Tier

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The following text is about Position Tier

1. Position Tier Maintain Margin Rate
In order to prevent an impact on market liquidity when large positions are liquidated, Bitget's futures implement a position tier to maintain margin rate. That is, the larger the user's position is, the higher the minimum maintenance margin rate and the lower the maximum leverage that the user can select

In isolated margin mode, the number of futures, tier, and the minimum maintenance margin rate required for each position are calculated separately for each direction of the position.
In cross margin mode, the number of long and short positions held in both directions are combined in one tier to match the corresponding maintenance margin rate.

2. Maintenance margin rate

The maintenance margin rate is used to calculate the minimum maintenance margin required by the user to maintain the current positions. When the user's margin rate is less than or equal to the user's current maintenance margin rate, it will trigger liquidation or reduce position.
The relevant calculation formula is as follows:
Margin rate = (position margin + unrealized profit and loss) / position value
Position value = face value * number of futures * current fair marked price

You can view position information on the trading interface of each futures, or Click here

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