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Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures: Agreement Close Position

Dear Bitget users:

The following text is about Agreement Close Position

1. Trigger Conditions
When a user is forced to close a position, his remaining position will be taken over by the liquidation system. If the forced liquidation position cannot be liquidated in the market, and when the marked price reaches the bankruptcy price, the agreement liquidation system will perform agreement liquidation for investors holding positions in the opposite direction. That is, the object of futures liquidation is: investors of positions in the opposite direction.
The order of futures liquidation will be determined based on leverage and profit ratio.

2. Process of Agreement Close Position
1). Liquidation is performed according to the bankruptcy price of the forced liquidation position. At this time, when the margin is still insufficient, the agreement liquidation strategy is triggered.
2.) The counterparty calculates the PnL ranking of effective leverage through the rate of return and effective leverage. The aggressive trading strategy and the most profitable will be prioritized by the ADL sequence (agreement liquidation queue).

3) The ADL executed party and the effective leveraged profit and loss ranked top by agreement to close the position at the bankrup t price.

Isolated Margin Mode: When closing positions by isolated agreement, long and short will be separately calculated, they will not affect each other.

Cross Margin Mode: Calculate according to net position when closing the position by cross agreement

Example: If you currently hold 100 long positions and 300 short positions. The net position is short. ADL sorting is based on short positions, that is, if the opponent's long position is liquidated, it will have an impact, and the opponent's short position will be liquidated without impact.

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