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Bitget Login | How to Login on Bitget?

Dear Bitget users:

Access your Bitget account effortlessly by following our step-by-step guide on how to log in to Bitget. Learn the login process and get started with ease.

Bitget now supports the following login methods, please choose one:

1. Password login

(1) Visit Bitget App or Bitget PC

(2) Find the login entrance

(3) Enter your account number and password (mobile phone number or email)

(4) Receive google verification code or (phone or email verification code)

(5) Log in

(6) If the verification code is delayed, please try again or seek help from online customer service.

2. Scan code to log in

(1) Visit Bitget PC

(2) Find the login entrance

(3) When Bitget APP is logged in, use APP to scan the QR code on PC to log in

(4) log in on Bitget PC