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How to Deal with Wrong Deposit?

Dear Global Bitgetters,

If you encounter the problem of wrong deposit, please follow the instructions below:

1. Deposit to a non-Bitget address

Bitget will not be able to help you retrieve assets.

2. The deposit amount is less than the minimum deposit amount

Bitget will not be able to assist you to deposit it to your account.

3. Deposit A currency to B currency address (eg: deposit BTC to BCH address of Bitget)

Please provide your UID, deposit currency, deposit quantity, deposit address, blockchain transaction ID and specific situation that you encountered to the email of our customer service.

4. Deposit currency not listed on Bitget to Bitget

Please search for the help of online customer service or email to

Email address:

We will submit it to the wallet technical staff for retrieving and processing. For that such problems require a lot time and work, the processing cycle for such problems is relatively long, which will at least take one month or more. Please wait patiently.

Bitget Team

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