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Bitget has launched a new badge system! Collect badges to win perks and limited-time merch

Bitget has launched a new badge system! Collect badges to win perks and limited-time merch image 0

Bitget has launched elite trader badges, a series of exclusive badges to show the achievements of each elite trader and to recognize their growth and contribution to Bitget. You can use the Join Now button below to register for the badge collection promotion and collect badges to unlock rewards. It only lasts for two week, so don't miss out!

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For reference: What are elite trader badges?

Promotion period: September 26, 2023 – October 9, 2023

Activity 1: Join the exciting promotion and collect badges to unlock rewards!

During the promotion period, users can unlock different rewards based on the number of collected badges (only new badges collected from September 26 to October 9 will be counted). Participate to win exciting rewards!

Number of expert badges



Number of other badges



Bitget customized laptop bag





30 more follower slots

If the maximum limit of 1000 is reached, Bitget will distribute 100 USDT instead.




A legend elite trader trial pass (for one week)

If the elite trader is a legend elite trader already, Bitget will distribute 200 USDT instead.







* The elite trader with the most badges during the promotion period will be displayed in Bitget's customized pop-up window and recommended as the weekly outstanding elite trader to get more exposure and followers!

Activity 2: Share badges to enjoy lucky airdrops!

During the promotion period, users who retweet or share their badges or badges of elite traders that they follow to social media and communities (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, LinkedIn, Bitget Insights) will get a lucky airdrop. Bitget will randomly select 100 lucky users to airdrop 20 USDT respectively after the promotion ends. Users can take part in the promotion by filling out the form below, uploading screenshots, and entering their user ID.

Google Forms:

Terms and conditions:

1. Only main accounts are eligible to register.

2. Rewards will be distributed to the winners' spot accounts within fourteen working days after the promotion ends.

3. All participants must strictly comply with Bitget's terms and conditions.

4. In case of cheating or using multiple accounts for rewards, or other violations, Bitget reserves the right to disqualify the users involved and forfeit their rewards.

5. Bitget reserves the right to amend or revise the terms of this promotion, or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice at its sole discretion.

6. Bitget reserves the right of final decision for this promotion. Contact our customer service if you have any questions.

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