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Post on Bitget to unlock exclusive perks and win up to 1000 USDT in rewards!

Post on Bitget to unlock exclusive perks and win up to 1000 USDT in rewards! image 0
To thank traders for their contributions, Bitget is launching a new promotion for all traders within the Bitget Insights community (including elite futures traders, elite spot traders, and strategists)!
Each elite trader can unlock multiple rewards by completing tasks in the Bitget Insights community. Based on their performance, each trader can win up to 1000 USDT in rewards.
If you are not currently a registered trader on Bitget, you can join the promotion by submitting your application through the designated link ( elite futures trader/ elite spot trader/ strategist) within the specified time frame and passing the elite trader qualification review.

Promotion period: September 26, 8:00 AM – October 9, 7:59 AM (UTC+8)

Reward distribution rules:

Rewards obtained upon task completion
Post a minimum of 12/24 in total during the promotion period for at least 6/12 days.
US$20/US$50 worth of Bitget coupons, respectively.
During the promotion, post quick updates or long articles on Bitget Insights and have them included in the Crypto Daily Digest.
US$100 cash rewards, one-time traffic boost, and exposure through Bitget's official social media reposts.
Get 50/100 new followers on Bitget Insights during the promotion period.
US$40/US$100 in rewards, including US$20/US$50 worth of Bitget coupons + US$20/US$50 in cash, respectively.
Invite 1/5/10 new traders to join Bitget Insights.
US$20/US$120/US$300 in rewards, including US$10/US$60/US$150 worth of Bitget coupons and US$10/US$60/US$150 in cash, respectively.
Complete all of the above tasks.
A US$500 reward (including US$250 in cash and US$250 worth of Bitget coupons) and a Bitget hoodie.


  • To be eligible, traders invited through task 4 must submit the form, filling in their own user ID and the user ID of the inviter.
  • Traders invited through task 4 are required to post for at least 5 days during the promotion period.
  • Both the inviter and the invited trader who completes task 4 will receive cash rewards.
  • Task 5 is considered complete when the maximum requirements from tasks 1 to 4 are met.


  • All posts must contain original content created during the promotion period and submitted before the end of the promotion.
  • Post content can include trader's trading experiences, m arket analysis, introduction to new projects, and the sharing of valuable insights, among other topics.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in malicious practices to profit, which includes wash trading, using multiple accounts with or without the same IP address, posting fake or non-original content, and other forms of fraudulent behavior. Should any violations be detected, Bitget reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts, revoke award eligibility, and disqualify content creators from the Bitget Insights community.
  • Cash rewards and coupons will be issued within 14 days after the promotion ends. Users can log in and redeem the rewards via Profile > Coupons Center. Eligible users must claim the rewards within the validity period.
  • Bitget will contact the winners of physical Bitget merch within 14 days after the end of the promotion and ship them to the corresponding address.
  • Bitget reserves the right for the final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the event. For further inquiries, please contact customer service.

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