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Publishing a Bot on Bitget

This article provides a guide on how to publish and sell your trading strategies on Bitget Bot Copy Trading, allowing you to earn income and build influence in the crypto trading community.

As a strategist, you normally earn income from subscription fees. Every time someone subscribes to you, they pay you the subscription fee first, and then get access to copy all the bots created by you during the subscription fee period. With Bitget Bot Copy Trading, this is not your only way to earn income. You can also earn income from selling a single bot that you have created.

Every Bitget user can create and publish their own bots once the bot qualifies to be published. Publish your bot, set a price (0–30USDT), and your bot will be available for everyone to copy. Revenue from other users buying your bot will be paid into your spot account the next day.

Publishing your bot not only allows you to earn from purchase sales, but also helps you in building your influence, enabling you to attract more potential subscribers. How do I do that?

A step-by-step guide on how to publish your own bot:

  1. Start with creating a bot on our Create a Trading Bot page. You can create 4 different types of bots: Futures Grid, Spot Grid, Futures Martingale, and Spot Martingale.

  2. Choose your bot type and select "Create."

  3. After you enter the trading page, proceed to set your parameters and investment amount, then create an order. Your bot has been set successfully!

  4. Head to the My Bots page. The bot you created will be shown here.

  5. Once the publishing standard is met, this bot is ready to be published. A "Publish" button will be shown.

  6. Select the "Publish" button, set a price for your strategy, and select “Publish” again.

  7. Your bot has been published!

  1. You will receive the amount you’ve set every time your bot is purchased by others. There is no limit on the selling amount.
  2. The price range is 0–30 USDT. If you set it to 0, your bot will be free for others.
  3. All your revenue from purchases made by other traders will be paid into your spot account the next day.
  4. Where can the " Publish" button be found once your bot is ready?
  • Go to the Bot Copy Trading Page and look under "My Profit." It will be automatically shown here after you meet the requirements.
  • Trading Bots Page > Current bot

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