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Bitget Copy Trading Updates: Elite Trader Ranking - The way to differentiate yourself

We are thrilled to reintroduce Bitget Elite Trader Ranking as part of our commitment to providing you with the best products and services.

As an elite trader on Bitget, you now have the chance to be shown in the rankings and be known to more users. With Elite Trader Ranking, elite traders will be ranked by ROI, profit, and followers PnL. Followers can view the rankings and details of those top elite traders by Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 3 weeks, Last month, Last 3 months. They can also check out local elite traders. For followers, there is also a ranking for their total profits.

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For new elite traders, if you need more followers, the Emerging Elite Trader Ranking can help! This ranking is designed to provide traffic support to new elite traders and will be displayed on the Copy trading main page.

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How to make the Emerging Elite Trader Ranking? (Elite Futures Traders)

1. Hold at least 500 USDT in your futures account

2. Reach an ROI of at least 10%

3. Lead at least 10 orders in 7 days

4. Get at least 1 follower in 7 days

5. Make at least 40 USDT in profit in 7 days

* The ranking is updated hourly. New elite traders are users who have become elite traders for less than 30 days.

Who can become a elite trader?

1. There are no positions, open orders, or trigger orders in your futures account (including both actual accounts and demo trading accounts).

2. You’re not following other elite traders.

3. No spot copy trades.

4. You can only sign up for one elite trader account.

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