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Introduction to Bot Copy Trading

As the world's leading social trading platform, Bitget is always attracting bright minds, and we set the stage for them to inspire more traders. Now, with Bitget's Bot Copy Trading, it has never been easier for newcomers to learn, grow, and build their own strategies that work best for them.
In this article, you'll be learning about:
  1. What Bitget Bot Copy Trading is
  2. How you can start using Bot Copy Trading
  3. The advantages of Bot Copy Trading
What Is Bot Copy Trading?
Bitget Bot Copy Trading allows trading novices to follow the experts' bots when trading. The trading bots include trades such as Futures Grid, Spot Grid, Futures Martingale, and Spot Martingale. If you're new to bot trading and have trouble understanding all these parameters, Bot Copy Trading is your best choice!
It provides two services:
  1. Strategists subscription: Allow users to subscribe to strategists (Bitget-verified bot trader) and to copy all the trading bots created by strategists.
  2. Bot purchase: Users can also purchase a single bot published by other trading experts.
How you can start using Bot Copy Trading
  1. Strategists subscription
    You can copy all the bots created by strategists while subscribed to them. You can choose to enable auto-copying after subscribing to a strategist. To enable this option, go to the auto-copy settings page, where you can configure the trading pairs, auto-copy investment amount, and type of termination for the bots. The auto-copy option is up to your own preference. If you choose to turn it off, you can also copy all the bots created by strategists manually.
    Select a strategist you'd like to follow -> Pay the subscription fee (skip this step if it’s free) -> Enter the subscription settings page -> Edit auto-copy settings -> Start using Copy Bots!
  1. Bot Purchase
    After purchasing a single bot, the bot will be all yours forever. You can use it immediately, or whenever you feel like running it. You can check all the bots you’ve purchased on the My Bots page.
    Select a bot you'd like to buy -> Pay for the bot fee (skip this step if it's free) -> Enter bot trading page -> Fill in the investment amount (the parameters are auto-filled) -> Create the order, and start bot trading!
The Advantages of Bot Copy Trading
  1. With Bitget Bot Copy Trading, follow experienced bot experts for easy access to advanced financial products, like grid trading and DCA trading, without having to deal with figuring out complicated parameters.
  2. There are two ways to use copy bots based on your needs — either subscribe to a strategist, or simply buy a bot.
  3. No limitation on investment amounts for subscribers.
  4. One time payment — no profit share when profit is generated.
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