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Bitget Copy Trading Updates: Follow and Compare Elite Traders

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing rapid growth, with an increasing number of new users investing in cryptocurrencies. While they may not have massive experience in the volatile market, these new users tend to rely on the professional traders' advice. Bitget has thousands of elite traders from all over the world, specializing in different fields with their own trading styles. How can users select the best elite traders to follow that meet their specific needs?

In light of this, Bitget has introduced a new feature for following and comparing elite traders. Users can now have a comprehensive comparison and analysis of the traders’ data, gaining a more intuitive understanding of the trader’s overall performance.

Comparable data:

1. General information
Total assets (USDT), total trades, days joined, number of followers.
2. Trading data (all / last three weeks)
ROI, drawdown, followers (all time), total PnL, profitable trades, AUM.
3. Insights
Followers, followed insights, posted articles or insights.
Bitget provides authentic and transparent data for comparison and analysis so that users can find their most ideal elite traders to follow.
1. Follow elite traders
Select Follow on the elite trader’s page. Once you've followed them, you can find the traders in ‘My trades/follow’ to see the details.
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2. Compare elite traders
Select VS on the elite trader page and add or delete elite traders to compare them. Use the Highlight top stats button to have a quick understanding of each elite trader’s strengths, optimizing the screening process. Find the most compatible elite trader to weather the market volatility for you.
Bitget Copy Trading Updates: Follow and Compare Elite Traders image 1
Bitget is always striving to provide better products and services. We are committed to creating a safe, secure and convenient investment environment for our traders. Log in to Bitget and try the new feature now!

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