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Bitget Bot Copy Trading Glossary

In this article, we will take you through every term you need to know about Bitget Bot Copy Trading, giving you a headstart in crypto trading at Bitget.
  1. Bitget Bot Copy Trading - A product by Bitget both for newbies and strategy experts (strategists). The former could copy strategies from experts while the latter could sell their strategies to earn more profit.
  2. User - A Bot Copy Trading user can be any Bitget user except strategists and strategy creators.
  3. Strategy - Strategy are trading bots created and published by strategists or strategy creators to Bitget Bot Copy Trading for users to copy.
  4. Strategist - Bitget-verified strategy provider. Users could subscribe to strategists to copy all their strategies.
  5. Strategy Creator - Users who have published their strategies successfully, could both be strategists or users.
  6. Strategy Price - The price users need to pay to copy any strategy. Ranges from 0 to 50 USDT.
  7. Subscription Price -The price users need to pay to subscribe to a strategist for a month.
  8. Strategy P&L - Profit gained or loss suffered from strategy trading.
  9. Strategy ROI - Return on investment. Equals to your profit or loss divided by your cost of investment.
  10. Subscription Popularity - The number of users subscribed to a single strategist. Normally, a strategist could be subscribed to by up to 150 users.
  11. Total Profit for Subscribers - The total profit a strategist has helped all their subscribers make.
  12. Copied Strategies - A list of all strategies a user has purchased. Once a strategy is purchased, it can be copied at any time.
  13. My Strategists - A list of all the strategists a user has subscribed to. A user can copy all strategies from all strategists from this list.
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