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Spot auto-invest live now — grow your portfolio

Global Bitgetters,

We are excited to announce the launch of spot auto-invest strategies — now available under Strategy Trading. In addition to our current strategies (spot grid trading, futures grid trading, spot Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and futures DCA), spot auto-invest lets you automate your trades and investments to grow your portfolio and earnings.

Start automating your investments, and grow your portfolio

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For both beginner and seasoned traders, we know that spot auto-invest strategies will simplify how you invest in crypto and invite you to explore the new functionality.

What is spot auto-invest?

Spot auto-invest strategies let you regularly invest in assets without trying to time the market. It resists price risks from one-time purchases or buying in batches and removes natural human responses like frantic buying or selling. It saves the trader time, relieves uncertainty or doubt, and offers simplicity and rationality to your trades.

For tips on how to use spot auto-invest strategies, check out our Academy article here.

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