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Index Futures BGHOT10USDT is live - start trading!

Index Futures BGHOT10USDT is live - start trading! image 0
Global Bitgetters,
Bitget is proud to release the BGHOT10USDT Index Futures contract with a maximum available leverage of 20X.
BGHOT10USDT is the first composite Index Futures contract launched by the Bitget team, consisting of select ‘hot’ coins on the platform. These hot coins share high investor attention and highly active transaction volumes.
BGHOT10USDT’s weight allocation is according to the market value of each coin, combatting the risk of extreme fluctuations from any single currency. As such, it's suitable for users who like hot currency investments and expect relatively tame market fluctuations.
Users can start trading BGHOT10USDT contracts through Bitget's official website or app.
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