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Bot Copy Trading Income for Strategists

This article provides an overview of the fees and payment processing times for strategists using Bot Copy Trading on Bitget. It explains the bot fees and subscription fees, along with the payment timelines and renewal options.

Bot Copy Trading allows traders to share their expertise in the spot or futures market, and gain a passive income stream through sales and subscribers. Here's how.

There are two types of fees a strategist can charge in Strategy Hub:

1. Bot fees: the fee that user pays the strategist for a single bot.

2. Subscription fees: the fee that user subscribes to the strategist for 30 days.

Bot fees

When publishing a bot, strategists can set a purchase price from 0-30 USDT. The fee is deposited in your spot account when a user purchases your bot.

  • Fee: 0-30 USDT

  • Receiving account: spot

  • Payment processing time: one day, 6 PM (UTC+8)

    • If a user buys a bot at any time on January 1, the payment is deposited in your spot account on January 2, 6 PM (UTC+8).

Subscription fees

As a verified Bitget strategist, you'll be able to charge 30-day subscription fees ranging anywhere from 0-300 USDT. Plus, you can adjust your subscription fee after every cycle.

  • Fee: 0-300 USDT (every 30 days)

  • Default fee setting: 150 USDT

  • Receiving account: spot

  • Payment processing time: 15 days, 6 PM (UTC+8)

    • If a user subscribes to you on January 1, their subscription fee will be deposited in your spot account on January 16, 6 PM (UTC+8);

    • The strategist will be verified within 15 days of every new subscription. If the strategist fails verification, the fee will be refunded to the user's account.

  • Fee cycle: 30 days

  • Renewal: users can auto-renew their subscriptions, with renewed subscriptions following the same payment processing time as above. Bitget will also continue to verify the strategist's conduct over a 15-day period.

Note that all fees are paid in full to strategists from buyers or subscribers. Bitget does not take a commission or charge handling fees.

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