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Every Merchant can only open one P2P Market while applying to become a merchant

For the safety of P2P trading, all merchants are allowed to open only one P2P market based on the account KYC information.

All the merchants can only post ads in the legal currency market corresponding to the nationality of the account KYC.

  • If a merchant wants to post Advertisement in more than one legal currency then he need to satisfy the following conditions.

  • Must have completed atleast 5 P2P trades as a merchant in the currency of his nationality.

  • Merchant should provide a certain USDT as safety deposit, for opening one new currency market.

  • For adding a new currency Market, Merchants should also provide bank statement or transaction history of the new currency. To prove that he can receive/send funds in the new currency.

Merchants who satisfy the above conditions can open USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, RUB and JPY markets to post advertisements in these currencies in addition to their home country currency.

Please contact @Bitgetlamelo/@bitgetp2ppay on Telegram or you can write to us at if you want to open any one of these markets.

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