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Comprehensive Manual to Bitget Spot Margin Trading

1. What is Bitget spot margin trading?
Bitget spot margin trading allows users to borrow assets for trading by locking up funds as margin, thereby amplifying trading profitability with a smaller investment. It's important to note that while profits can be amplified greatly, so can potential losses.
2. How to make spot margin trades?
2.1 Enable margin trading: Head to the margin trading page and agree to the terms and conditions of the risk agreement.
2.2 Transfer: Transfer the margin to your margin account.
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2.3 Borrow: Bullish — borrow stablecoins; Bearish — borrow bearish coins.
Bitget spot margin trading supports auto-borrow and manual borrowing (auto-borrow/repay is recommended).
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2.4 Trade: Go long – buy bullish coins with borrowed stablecoins; Go short – sell bearish coins.
2.5 Close positions and repay: Bitget spot margin trading supports auto-repay.
3. Learn about risk ratio control for safer margin trading.
Risk ratio refers to the ratio of debts calculated by the system to assets when users hold spot margin trading positions. When the risk ratio is 80% or above, the position is subject to a margin call. At 100% or above, the position will be subject to partial or full liquidation.
Methods to reduce risk ratio and secure funds:
3.1 Increase your margin. Users can transfer funds to increase margin so as to better control the risk ratio.
3.2 Close positions partially to repay loans. Users can partially close their positions to repay debt.
4. Margin insurance fund
Bitget holds a margin insurance fund to make up for any losses incurred by traders upon a margin call and/or liquidation. The fund is replenished through liquidation fees and profits from spot margin trading, coming into play when investors are unable to repay their margin loans and interest. This will prevent users from excessive losses and negative equity.
To learn more about spot margin trading and generate higher profits, refer to:
Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are advised to conduct their own research and invest at their own discretion. Bitget shall not be liable for any investment losses.