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How to use NeoFi to buy crypto on Bitget

Dear Global Bitgetters,

How to Get Started with NeoFi

1. Log in to your Bitget account and click [ Buy crypto] - [Third-party Payment] from the top navigation bar


2. On the crypto purchase page, select the USDT and INR for payment and enter the total value of the fiat currency. Select NeoFi as the service provider and an available payment method. Confirm all the information of your order: crypto amount and total fiat currency value and then click [Next].


3. Confirm to join third party platform from Bitget to NeoFi


4. Provide your email address, name and bank account details


5. You will then proceed to make bank transfer in the account provided

6. Wait for confirmation of payment then return to the Bitget page

7. As soon as the transaction is completed, you will receive an email from NeoFi. You will also receive a deposit confirmation email from Bitget once your purchased asset is credited into your account upon the purchase's completion.

Other FAQs

1. How many cryptocurrencies can I buy and sell?

NeoFi currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies including all popular one's such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP etc. We are constantly adding more cryptocurrencies.

2. Do I need to pass KYC in order to buy Bitcoin?

NeoFi wants to make it as easy as possible to buy/ sell cryptocurrency. That's why they do a rapid KYC to verify your documents. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete NeoFi's KYC.

3. What mode of payment do you support?

Currently, NeoFi supports bank transfers only. They will be notifying you as they add new forms of payment on NeoFi.

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