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Fiat Content Competition for All Creators to Win a Prize Pool of $5,000!


Dear Global Bitgetters,

We are extremely excited to announce our Fiat Content Competition! All you have to do is to create and share your fiat content on social media for a chance to win a total prize of $5,000 USDT. Register [here] to participate.

???? Event Period: October 24, 2022, 6 AM (UTC) to November 24, 2022, 6 AM (UTC)

Ranking Rewards
1st Place $1,500 in BGB
2nd Place $1,000 in BGB
3rd Place $600 in BGB
4th and 5th Place $200 in BGB
6th to 20th Place $100 in BGB

Interested? Follow our step-by-step guide to begin!

Step 1: Create Your Content

Create customized Fiat-related content for Bitget Fiat in the form of a video or an article, with the link to relevant Bitget Fiat pages. There are no language restrictions, but the content must be original and unique.

Some examples of content:

  • What’s the benefit of using fiat channels to deposit moneyinto the Bitget platform?
  • What are the differences for each fiat channel?
  • How do I keep the value of depreciating fiat currencies by using Fiat on Bitget?
  • How do I buy crypto with P2P or third party payment providers on Bitget?

Step 2: Publish on Social Media

Publish content on your favorite social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube before the end of our competition.

Step 3: Submit Content

You can submit up to three pieces of content through our application [form]. The more content you create, the higher your chance of winning! All participants should also include the link and popularity metrics (views, likes) for each content in the submission form.

Step 4: Evaluation Process

All content will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Quality: informative, clear, and creative
  • Popularity: views and likes

A panel of three Bitget Fiat team members will evaluate each piece of content, and participants will receive a rating for an overall result.

Terms Conditions:

  1. All submissions must be original works by the entrants; plagiarized content or fabricated content will be disqualified from the program.
  2. All submissions must include fiat elements. An article or video without fiat content will not be evaluated.
  3. Fill out [this form], provide your Bitget ID, email address, the link of the content, as well as the popularity metrics of the content. If the participant does not fill out the form before the end of competition, he/she is not eligible for the prizes.
  4. Bitget Fiat reserves the right to evaluate each content.
  5. Rewards will be distributed within seven working days from when the competition ends;
  6. The BGB/USDT price on Bitget on 2022-11-24 06:00:00 AM (UTC) will be used to calculate the rewards.
  7. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation, including but not limited to amending, changing, or cancelling the event without prior notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Bitget Team

October 24, 2022

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