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How to use Bitget Coupon?

Navigate the world of smart trading with confidence by learning how to use Bitget Coupons. This comprehensive guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on leveraging Bitget Coupons to your advantage.

1. What are coupons?

(1) Each coupon has a valid amount, while some also have a discount ratio.

(2) Coupons can be found and claimed from the Reward Center or Assets page.

2. How do I find and claim coupons?

(1) You can find coupons through the following methods.


Profile (upper right corner) → Dashboard → Reward Center → Coupons


Path 1: Profile (upper right corner) → Coupon Center → Coupons

(2) Once claimed, your coupons will become available (no transfer required).

3. Rules

(1) Coupons can only be used to offset spot and futures transaction fees.

(2) Each coupon contains a valid amount, and some have a discount ratio.

For example, suppose you received a 100 USDT coupon with a 50% discount. If you make a trade with a 10 USDT transaction fee, you can use the coupon to deduct 50% of the transaction fee (5 USDT). The coupon will then have 95 USDT remaining for use in other trades.

4. Restrictions

(1) If you hold both coupons and trading bonuses, the coupons will be used first.

(2) Coupons must be claimed while they are valid. Any coupons that are not claimed in time will expire.

(3) Coupons must be used while they are valid. Any coupons that are not used in time will expire.

5. Disclaimer

(1) Bitget reserves the punish accounts exhibiting malicious behavior and recover losses.

(2) Bitget reserves the right of final decision on all rules and conditions regarding coupons.

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