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Bitget Strategist Agreement

Dear Global Bitgetters,

The Bitget strategist agreement is as follows. Please read and agree:

I: Requirements

  1. Professional in strategic trading;
  2. Have excellent and practica l trading performance;
  3. Have a rigorous trading risk control system;
  4. Familiar with Bitget's missions, visions, and values;
  5. Familiar with the brand values of Bitget;
  6. Familiar with the product performance of Bitget;
  7. Willing to grow up with Bitget together.

II: Rules of Profits

  1. Bitget uses the subscription model, and users will be charged every 30 days.
  2. The subscription fee will be distributed into the strategist's spot account automatically on the day of T + 15.
  3. It is in the subscription validity period

III: Code of Conduct

  1. Strategists shall not make any unpleasant and defamatory comment that would damage the reputation of Bitget;
  2. Strategists shall not make any promise of profit to attract followers;
  3. Strategists need to help followers to make a profit to the best of their ability, bear in mind the risk to followers and shall not engage in any wash trading for higher yield or higher commission;
  4. Strategists must not use high-risk and high-return trading strategies that create uncontrollable risk for followers;
  5. To protect the interests of followers, strategists shall not display, reveal or imply social accounts or contact information in areas that exhibit nicknames, profiles and other information;
  6. Strategists are prohibited from using multiple accounts for matched orders. Once found, they will be permanently disqualified from initiating copy trades;
  7. Strategists shall not operate in bad faith, including and not limited to conducting any malicious wash trading to raise the number of followers or the amount invested by followers. Otherwise, the strategist account will be permanently blocked by the community;
  8. For any severe consequences caused by strategist behaviours, Bitget will intervene with the trader’s transactions, such as disqualifying the trader and terminating the strategist’s account.

Bitget Team

October 19, 2022