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Bitget Copy Trading Updates: Parameter Recommendations

At Bitget, trading is as easy as one... two... three! We have launched the new parameter recommendations feature. Elite traders can now recommend parameters to their followers for quick copy trading, while followers can apply the recommended parameters conveniently. Bitget has made copy trading even simpler to ensure that followers will never miss any signals from experts.

If you are an elite trader and want to set recommended parameters:

1. You can go to Settings to edit the recommended parameters. We offer Fixed Amount and Multiplier modes. You must select a mode and fill in all the parameters before you can save them. You can also set the Stop-Loss Ratio, Take-Profit Ratio, and Maximum. Don't forget to save your recommended parameters.

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2. The basic parameter setting mode is now available. The advanced mode will be added later.

If you are a follower and want to apply a set of recommended parameters:

1. Click Apply Parameters and the parameters will be automatically filled in as preset by the elite trader.

2. Note that the parameters recommended by elite traders are not endorsed by Bitget and should not be taken as investment advice from Bitget.

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We strive to provide better products and services. Thank you for your continued support.

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