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VIP Mystery Boxes for BTC Pizza Day - grab a share of 100,000 USDT!

VIP Mystery Boxes for BTC Pizza Day - grab a share of 100,000 USDT! image 0

VIP Mystery Boxes for BTC Pizza Day are here! Register for the promotion and complete missions to unlock Mystery Boxes and grab a share of 100,000 USDT. The more missions you complete, the greater the rewards. Registration starts on May 17, 10 AM (UTC+8). Get ready!

Promotion period: May 17, 02:00 (UTC) – May 24, 16:00 (UTC)

Mystery Box unlock period: May 18, 02:00 (UTC) – May 26, 16:00 (UTC)

VIP Mystery Boxes for BTC Pizza Day - grab a share of 100,000 USDT! image 1

After registration, during event period, complete the following tasks to get boxes
Task Reward Boxes Limit per participant
Task 1: Trading volume(futuresspot) ≥ 4,000,000 USDT
(Double the amount and you will get one more mystery box)
1 mystery box Capped at 4
Task 2: Complete Task 1, plus Trade for 7 consecutive days 1 mystery box Capped at 1
Task 3: After registering for the event, apply for savings or sharkfin, and the total subscription amount >= 50,000 1 mystery box Capped at 2
Note: Shark Fin products are available on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and have a maturity period of 7 days. Pay attention to the availability and terms. Funds redeemed from Savings/Shark Fin products during the event period will not be counted into task 3.

Mystery box rewards
Rewards Details
VIP 2 trial card 30-day pass
Pizza Coupon worth 50 USDT
Trading bonus 399 USDT

Terms and Conditions
  1. Users must register for the event with the Register Now button above.
  2. If you have any questions, please contact the Key Account Manager Telegram: @Wesley_BG, @Holly
  3. VIP Earn: The minimum subscription amount for VIP Earn is 50,000USDT. If the interval between subscription time and redemption is less than 72 hours, a transaction fee equivalent to 50 USDT will be deducted.
  4. A user can receive up to seven mystery boxes in this campaign. There are a limited number of mystery boxes on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. The key to unlock mystery boxes and the list of winners of the previous day will be sent to you via site message and email. Please check your inbox.
  6. Link to the event: https://www.bitget.com/mystery/box . Unlock your mystery boxes within 48 hours of receiving the key.
  7. After the event ends, winners will receive an email including the contact information of their account manager within few days. Be sure to contact your account manager within five days to claim your reward. Otherwise, your rewards will be forfeited.
  8. After connected with Key Account Managers, all qualified users will receive the rewards within 7 working days.
  9. If you have participated in other events at Bitget related to first-time spot trading or inviting friends, you will only be eligible to claim one of the event's rewards.
  10. Any user involved in wash trading, matched orders, multiple account operations or self-dealing will be disqualified. Institution accounts will also be auto excluded from this event.
  11. Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event rules and to handle disqualified users with any cheating behavior.

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