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Top MetisDAO Ecosystem tokens by market capitalization

MetisDAO Ecosystem contains 5 coins with a total market capitalization of $465.10M and an average price change of +1.88%. They are listed in size by market capitalization.

MetisDAO Ecosystem is a category that comprises tokens designed to address the scalability and cost challenges of the Ethereum network. These tokens frequently leverage a variety of technologies like Optimistic Rollups and Proof of Stake to achieve rapid throughput and minimal transaction charges.

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Is Metis an l1 or l2?

On the Metis platform, developers, DAOs, and individuals have access to a variety of Ethereum layer 2 solutions. These include NFT bridging, testnet, the Graph, and Metis Node, all of which are available in one convenient location.

What does MetisDAO do?

In addition to the Ethereum layer 2 solutions available on the Metis platform, there is also a framework specifically for DACs. The Metis DAC framework is tailored to address issues related to governance, management, and incentives for decentralized autonomous organizations.

What does Metis crypto do?

The Metis crypto ecosystem utilizes an Ethereum token called METIS as its internal currency for staking and payments. Through the Metis protocol, users can easily pay for offerings from Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) while enjoying the benefits of decentralized governance, management, and incentives.