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Movement Labs launches "Battle of Olympus" hackathon to ignite the wave of ecological innovation

BlockBeats2024/06/13 15:01
Original source: Movement Labs

Movement Labs, a San Francisco-based blockchain innovation team, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking hackathon called "Battle of Olympus" to promote the expansion and adoption of its first modular blockchain network based on the Move language, the Movement Network. The hackathon marks the first phase of the Movement testnet and is scheduled to start on July 17, 2024 and run until September 17. The judging panel is composed of partners such as 280 Capital, who will provide professional review, guidance and advice to the participating teams.

Battle of Olympus is an important part of Movement Labs' "Road to Parthenon" program, a community project aimed at promoting the health and prosperity of the Movement Labs future mainnet and the development of the ecosystem. The hackathon brings together talented developers and enthusiasts to inspire them to develop innovative applications on the Movement Labs devnet and testnet.

This hackathon adopts a model rich in game elements. Participants can not only earn points in the event, but also have the opportunity to win various rewards. "Masons" is one of the five unique guilds in Battle of Olympus. Developers can freely use their creativity to develop unique dApps in multiple fields including DeFi, games, social tools, infrastructure, and NFT.

To join the Masons guild, developers can form a team of up to 4 members and complete the registration on the official hackathon website. Teams from all corners of the world can choose to participate online or in person in San Francisco. During the hackathon, Movement Labs will provide full support, professional guidance, and necessary resources to help participants achieve good results.

Outstanding projects will have the opportunity to receive rich rewards. The judging panel will select the winners based on a range of criteria, including originality of concept, perfection of execution, effective use of Movement's native functionality, innovation, technical excellence, optimized user experience, and potential social impact.

In addition to the Masons guild for developers, Battle of Olympus also offers the following four ways for non-technical enthusiasts to participate:

· Pathfinders: Design tutorials, engage in community interaction, and organize various events.

· Creators: Produce creative content and memes related to Movement, and participate in building the conceptual framework of the project.

· Explorers: Interact with partners, write related articles, and analyze ecosystem data.

· Scholars: Write content about the hackathon and the Movement ecosystem, design interactive quizzes, and collaborate with others on content creation.

Battle of Olympus provides a variety of opportunities for community members to participate, and no matter what your skills or interests are, you can find a place here. As Movement Labs co-founder Cooper Scanlon said, “Whether you’re a technical developer or a passionate enthusiast, we’ve got the tools and support you need to unleash your creativity and shape a decentralized future together.”

The winners of the Battle of Olympus will be announced in mid-September. For more information and to register, visit here .

For guidance on Movement Labs and participating in its testnet, visit here , follow @movementlabsxyz and join the Discord .

About Movement Labs

Co-founded by Rushi Manche and Cooper Scanlon in 2022, Movement Labs is committed to developing a blockchain network that aims to provide a secure and efficient Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. The company's flagship product, MoveVM, as part of Layer 2, aims to improve the security and scalability of smart contracts and bring innovative enhancements to the Ethereum ecosystem.

In April 2024, a $38 million Series A round led by Polychain Capital provided solid financial support for Movement Labs' vision. The company's "comprehensive approach" combines modular technical elements such as shared ordering, formal verification, alternative data availability, and Ethereum settlement to significantly improve the security and performance of the system. In addition, the upcoming Move Stack execution layer framework will facilitate collaboration with other participants in the Ethereum ecosystem and further expand the execution capabilities of smart contracts.

About 280 Capital

280 Capital is the Web3 venture capital arm of the Huang Liu and Chen Family Office, managing $2.5 billion in assets. The family has been active in the Web3 field since 2014 and has built a crypto portfolio centered on a large amount of early accumulated BTC. For more information, please visit here .

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