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TokenInsightTokenInsight2023/08/22 15:31
By:TI Research

The latest update you need to know about

After Paradigm announced its partnership with, the new social app volume has gone parabolic with over $60 million. Creators pocketing 5% ($3M) in royalties and the protocol earning 5%($3M) in fees. There are now 91000 unique buyers and 35880 unique sellers on the platform, total transactions is now over 1.67 million.

Non-crypto influencers are entering the platform. FaZe banks (a youtuber with 2.4 million followers on Twitter), Gracie Hartie (OnlyFans), and Grayson Allen all entered the leaderboards last weekend. Crypto-native artist, Beeple, creates a 3D animation featuring the social platform (as you see in the front pic).

Derivative platform Aevo has launched FRIEND-PERP, allowing users to long/short the market cap of accounts. Foobar, a popular solidity developer, released a Friend Share tokenization wrapper, allowing people to fractionalize friend shares into ERC20 tokens.

Today's Market

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Coinbase Takes Equity Stake in $USDC Issuer Circle

Lawyer:'s "Shares" May Draw US SEC to Step in. Renamed Shares to Keys

NFT Market Frozen, Volume and Price Continue Drop

Other News in Case You Missed it:

Aevo Launched an Index Perps for Market Cap of Accounts on

Binance Labs Invests in Infrastructure Provider Delphinus Lab

Cross-Chain Project Connext to Airdrop $NEXT Token in September

Binance Futures Launches Copy Trading

Rarible to Stop Aggregating Orders from OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2

Crypto Lending Platform Maple Finance Raises $5M Co-Led by BlockTower Capital and Tioga Capital

Privacy Protocol Elusiv Launches Private Token Swap Feature

EigenLayer Increases LST Restaking Cap

SBF Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud and Money Laundering Charges Again

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