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  • 07:45
    RootData: 839 ETH were transferred from CEX to Wintermute, valued at 2.8286 million USD
    According to the Web3 asset data platform RootData, as of 15:17 Singapore time today, 839 ETH were transferred from CEX to Wintermute, valued at $2.8286 million.
  • 07:36
    ZKsync introduces "Elastic Chain" architecture in its ZKsync 3.0 roadmap
    Matter Labs has launched a new roadmap called ZKsync3.0, aimed at making the ecosystem more interconnected, which includes a new "elastic chain" that is somewhat similar to the AggLayer released by competitor Polygon earlier this year. Matter Labs stated that the elastic chain is an infinitely expandable ZK chain (rollups, validiums and volitions) network protected by mathematics and seamlessly interoperable under a unified intuitive user experience.
  • 07:18
    10x Research: It seems that a structural factor is impacting the market, which could potentially have far-reaching effects
    10x Research released a report stating that Bitcoin is severely oversold, and influential people are advising followers to buy on dips as altcoins seem to have weathered the storm. The research greed and fear index is close to its lowest level, usually associated with lows. In addition, there are many reasons for the sell-off of Bitcoin: Mt. Gox's Bitcoin distribution (potentially worth $9 billion starting from July), the German government selling confiscated Bitcoins ($3 billion), Bitcoin miners selling $2-3 billion, ETFs selling $1.4 billion, OG wallets selling $1.2 billion etc. Assuming this adds up to $16-18 billion, it is similar to the inflow of Bitcoin ETFs so far this year. Although many claim that the recent decline was due to Mt.Gox's Fud (and other factors mentioned above), there seems to be a structural factor impacting the market which could have more profound effects leading to deeper declines before rebounding from lower levels.