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List of Benefits
Rule Description
1. Trial Fund: The trial fund can be directly used to offset transaction fees/losses/funding fees and can be used as margin to open a position.
2. Coupon: can be used to offset spot and futures trading fees. The validity period is 60 days. The coupon will be effective once the task is completed.
3. The deposit reward is only applicable to on-chain deposit, excluding internal platform transfer.
4. Trading reward description: calculated by trading volume. If there are multiple transactions in an order, the rewards for each transaction will be credited in chronological order.
5. Each reward can only be received once and cannot be received more than once.
6. All rewards will be distributed directly to the Rewards Center on Bitget's website and APP
7. Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of the trial fund.If any malicious behavior of claiming the trial fund is found, the platform has the right to take disciplinary action against the account involved to recover losses;