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Watch the Leo Messi X Bitget Film Now!

2022-11-26 12:59

Lionel Messi partners with Bitget

2022-10-20 16:15

Announcement on Completion of Futures System Upgrade

2022-11-24 13:32

Bitget Announcement on Adding ATOMUSDT to One-Click Copy Trade

2022-11-23 17:08

Broker Partnership List

2022-10-10 18:48

Bitget Will Support the StormX (STMX) Contract Swap

2022-11-19 17:24

Announcement on Futures Trading System Upgrade (November 24, 2022)

2022-11-18 13:51

Bitget’s Announcement Regarding Its 5M USD "Builders Fund"

2022-11-13 23:06

Transfero has been removed from bitget fiat 3rd party channel !For your convenience, please switch to PIX bank transfer.

2022-11-15 09:56

[Important] Bitget Announcement Regarding the Delisting of the SRMUSDT Futures Trading Pair

2022-11-14 16:51

[Important] Bitget will launch Merkle Tree Proof-of-Reserves to promote transparency

2022-11-10 19:29

Bitget Partners with Jesse the Most Advanced Crypto Trading Bot

2022-11-14 16:49

[Important] Bitget Announcement of Position Opening Interval Adjustment for One-click Copy Traders

2022-11-10 11:06

[Important] Bitget Strategy Plaza Has Officially Launched!

2022-11-07 23:47

Bitget Notification of Protecting Account and Strengthening Verification

2022-11-12 13:55

Bitget x IntoTheBlock Market Intelligence

2022-03-09 01:08

Bitget Will Support the Ethereum (ETH) Network Upgrades & Hard Forks

2021-04-14 15:20

[Important] Announcement on Temporary Network Optimisation and Upgrade

2022-09-29 23:23

[Important] Announcement on the Adjustment of the Trader’s Profit-Sharing Ratio for One-Click Copy Trade

2022-08-18 21:41

Bitget Buy Crypto by Fiat Officially Launched

2021-04-10 10:58