Announcement on the Ethereum Merge Plan and the Potential Fork

Dear Global Bitgetters,


We have been closely following the latest developments regarding the Ethereum merge and a potential fork expected to take place between Q3 and Q4, 2022. For your reference, here is Bitget’s position on the Ethereum merge and the potential fork. As more updates and information become publicly available, this plan may also be subject to change.


I. Regarding the Ethereum Merge Plan

Bitget supports the Ethereum merge plan. We will not suspend any ETH transactions before or during the merge. Should there be any changes, we will notify you through a separate announcement. After the merge, your current ETH assets on Bitget, including ETH spot trading pairs, will remain as ETH assets on the upgraded PoS Ethereum chain. ETH perpetual swaps, futures, and others will track the price of ETH tokens on the PoS Ethereum chain.

II. Regarding the Potential Fork

If a forked chain and new forked tokens are created during or as a result of the Ethereum merge, Bitget will decide whether to list the forked tokens after taking into full account our users’ opinions and assessing security standards. Further updates or additional details will be announced separately.


Risk Warning: During the merge and upgrade of ETH, the market may experience large price fluctuations. Please keep a close eye on the time of the merge and upgrade, and manage your position and potential risks in advance.


For more information, please visit:

The Merge