Introduction to Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

Dear Global Bitgetters,

Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade offers futures traders and followers the most user-friendly, easy-to-use and transparent experience and the best possible opportunity to make a profit in a win-win manner. Visit the Copy Trade page on Bitget’s official website or APP to get started now.

I. What is One-Click Copy Trade?

One-Click Copy Trade is for novice or beginner-level futures users. It allows followers to pick multiple elite traders and automatically copy their trading operations to make a profit. With the One-Click Copy Trade feature, users don’t need to open or close a position manually or sitting in front of the screen to monitor market conditions. They can trade futures automatically by copying a trader and earn a profit in a super easy way.

Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade greatly lowers the threshold for futures trading and allows traders to acquire targeted fans, and enjoy profit-sharing, managed funds and traffic exposure!

II. The Advantages of Followers

Become a [Follower] at Bitget to make easy money without thinking about market conditions, price points, strategies or techniques.

1. Secure and Reliable

  • Hundreds of elite strategists have all gone through our rigorous review process. You can choose whoever you want and view their trading history to check more data.
  • Followers can copy trade worry-free as all trading data are authentic, real-time and transparent and all copy trading records are traceable.

2. Earn a Profit with Ease

  • You can follow multiple traders simultaneously to ensure maximum profits. After following, you can automatically copy the opening and closing operations of the trader without the hassle of monitoring market conditions and price points. All you need to do is follow top strategies in the industries to enjoy high profits with ease.
  • You can view the real-time income data of each order intuitively.
  • You can edit copy trading amounts and futures, or stop following or close a position to take profit at any time. It’s all up to you.

For more details, please refer to [Operation Guidelines for Followers].

For more details, please refer to [Functions Available to Followers].

III. The Advantages of Traders

You can also become a trader at Bitget to gain traffic and earn commissions.

1. The highest profit-sharing rate in the industry: Traders can get a large share of followers’ profits by initiating a copy trade.

2. A large futures user pool:

  • One-Click Copy Trade is available to all Bitget users. Become a trader, and you will gain access to a large user pool of great liquidity.
  • Bitget provides elite traders with the chance to gain global exposure.

For more details, please refer to [Operation Guidelines for Traders].

For more details, please refer to [Functions Available to Traders].

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