Indian Users Exclusive: $50,000 Trial Fund Waiting to be Won!



Dear Global Bitgetters,


We are launching a limited-time promotion called Complete Daily Tasks of Futures Trading and Share $50,000 Trial Fund”. The more days you trade, the more rewards you will receive.


Event period: July 27, 2022, 8:00 AM (UTC+8) - August 04, 2022, 11:59 PM (UTC+8)


Campaign A

During the event period, participants who complete at least one futures trade on the day will be counted as having completed the daily trading task. And participants will receive corresponding trial funds based on the number of traded days and the exact time at which the trade is completed. 

The specific rules are as follows:

Number of Traded Days

Trial Fund Rewards

Trading Volume

1 Day Total 2 USDT Trading Volume > $10,000
2 Days Total 4 USDT Trading Volume > $10,000
3 Days Total 8 USDT Trading Volume > $10,000
4 Days Total 10 USDT Trading Volume > $10,000
≥ 5 days Total 15 USDT Trading Volume > $10,000


* Limited to 2000 eligible users. First come first served.

Fill out your UID in the Google sheet: [https://forms.gle/XWmttjA2FYs64pJ28]


Campaign B

During the event period, participants with a futures trading volume of more than 20,000 USDT will share 25,000 USDT trial fund in proportion to their trading volume.

Fill out your UID in the Google sheet: [https://forms.gle/XWmttjA2FYs64pJ28]


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For Indian Users:





Additional notes:

  1. Please fill out your UID in the Google sheet to register for the activity and complete KYC, otherwise you will not be eligible for the rewards;
  2. Rewards will be distributed to your account within 7 working days after the activity;
  3. Users may not get the reward if they withdraw more than 70% before the event is over;
  4. Please claim the trial fund at the Rewards center after you get the distribution notification, otherwise it will expire after 7 days;
  5. The event is only limited to Indian users who can participate.

* Trial fund: It can be directly used to trade on Futures (including Copy Trade), to offset transaction fees/losses/funding fees, or to be used as margin to open positions.

Learn more at: Bitget Futures: Futures Trial Fund



Bitget reserves the right to exclude a participant from all activities if it detects the use of multiple accounts, or the use of any market or social manipulation. Bitget reserves the right to interpret the rules of the campaign. Cryptocurrency trading and investing comes with high risks and volatility. Please be aware of the risks. Bitget is not responsible for losses. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If any malicious behavior or exploitation of platform vulnerability is found, Bitget reserves the right to handle the user's account and assets.



Bitget Team

July 27, 2022


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