Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade: Trader Application Requirements and Process

Dear Global Bitgetters,

This article introduces Trader Application Requirements and Process in Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade.

I. Requirements

  1. No open futures or spot orders when applying (live and demo);
  2. Currently not following other traders;
  3. A trader can only register one account for copy trade.

II. Process

  1. Visit Bitget’s official website or APP;
  2. Click "Become a Trader" in Copy Trade page;
  3. Complete the information, read it carefully and agree to the Trader Agreement;
  4. Wait for review;
  5. Once users are approved to be copy traders, they can lead followers when making futures and spot orders. If a copy trader wants to suspend their role as a lead trader, they can disable the Futures/Spot Orders Lead Trader feature in Copy Trade - Personal Settings.

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