Surprise! Vote to Listers Get Extra 1,000,000 $AFK. Plus: Trade $100, Get $100!



Dear Global Bitgetters,


Thank you for supporting Bitget's first ‘Vote to List’ event. The community has surpassed  expectations and successfully achieved our first voting goal with the $AFK listing!


To thank Vote to List’s first users for their support, we are giving an additional 1 million AFK to the first 2000 users who participated in our debut event.


In addition, we are offering a trading reward of $10,000 BGB for all users who trade AFK/USDT at specified volumes for the next ten days (details below).


1.2000 users to share an additional 1 million AFK prize pool

Being the first mover can be equal parts exciting and frightening, we know! As such, we are recognising the first 2000 users who successfully participated in the AFK Vote to List and allocating an additional 1 million $AFK prize pool to each of these users, according to the number of votes they cast. 


Thank you for believing in our event and making the first move! Your support inspires us.  Please check your funding account for the airdrop within 24 hours.


2.Trade $100, Get $100. (Total prize pool:  $10,000 in BGB)

For the next ten days*, users with a net buying volume of AFK/USDT greater than 100 USDT will be eligible to enter a prize pool where they can get $100 BGB back. 


We will randomly draw a maximum of 100 users for this prize. 


Click here to start trading: https://www.bitget.com/en/spot/AFKUSDT_SPBL


*Campaign Period: June 17, 11 AM to June 27, 11 AM (10 days only!)


Terms and Conditions:

1. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event concludes.

2. Users participating with the same IP address will be considered invalid.

3. Users are required to complete Identity Verification to be eligible for the rewards. 

4. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing, or canceling the event without prior notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk.


Bitget Team

June 16, 2022


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